about the team
Estatable is brought to you by two friends, Janice Tam (Princeton '03 and Yale J.D. '07) and Dave Almassian (Stanford '02 BS, '04 MS).

When Dave’s father passed, Dave was named Executor and Trustee. Dave hired an attorney to obtain his letters testamentary appointing him Executor and his successor Trustee documents, and then set to work collecting his father’s assets.

After sitting on hold for hours, wading through the bureaucracy of banks and brokerages, navigating the IRS to get a tax identification number, setting up an estate account, sitting on the phone on hold and filling out endless forms—all while grieving for his father, Dave was at his wits’ end.

Dave, an engineer with 10 years of product development experience, couldn’t understand why there wasn’t an easier way to aggregate his father’s assets. He asked Janice, an experienced trusts and estates attorney, what alternatives existed to help him.

Janice explained that estate settlement services, whether done through a full service law firm, or through estate settlement services, are incredibly costly and often very cumbersome.

Since no easy and cost effective solutions existed, most estate administrators were forced to navigate the unwieldy process themselves, and since they don’t have prior experience, they have to learn everything from scratch during a very difficult time in their lives.

Dave and Janice developed Estatable to change this.