how it works
Estatable wants to make it easy.

Estate settlement services, whether done through a full service law firm with the help of attorneys and paralegals, or through estate settlement services as an agent of the Executor or Trustee, are incredibly costly and often very cumbersome. Hand us the documents, and we will go to work for you.

ONE: You provide:
  • A certified death certificate
  • Proof of your legal authority to act
    • If you are acting as Executor or Administrator to gather assets titled in the name of the decedent, you need: Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration
    • If you are acting as trustee to gather assets titled in the name of the decedent’s trust, you need:
      1. Successor Trustee documents and
      2. Trust Agreement or Trust Certification
    • Find out more about the necessary documents.
  • Some basic information about you, the decedent and assets to be collected;

TWO: You will execute a document authorizing Estatable to act as your agent.

THREE: Estatable will then
  1. Open an estate or administrative trust account on your behalf,
  2. Help you obtain tax id number(s) from the IRS, if necessary,
  3. Transfer the liquid assets from the decedent’s various bank and brokerage accounts into the estate or administrative trust account
  4. Compile and calculate the relevant asset information you will need to make distributions or file tax returns.

We will update you every time an account’s assets are transferred, and send any documents requiring your execution to you, completely filled out and ready for your signature.

FOUR: All the assets and the information relating to them will be at your fingertips so you can distribute them pursuant to the decedent’s will or trust documents (if applicable).