how do i get the necessary documents
  1. Certified Copy of Death Certificate.

    A certified copy of the death certificate is generally available from the funeral director, as well as from the Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages in state/county/parish/territory where the person passed away.

    You may need multiple original (i.e. not photocopies) certified copies of the death certificate in the course of settling the deceased’s affairs. However, at the beginning of our process, we will ask only for an image of the certified death certificate.

  2. Proof of Legal Authority to Act.

    1. Letters Testamentary/Letters of Administration to collect assets in the decedent’s name. Letters Testamentary and Letters of Administration aren’t really “letters” in the common sense of the word. They are legal documents issued by the court as part of a probate proceeding. If the decedent died with a valid Will, the court will issue “Letters Testamentary” to the executor. If the decedent died without a valid Will (i.e. the person died “intestate”), the court will issue “Letters of Administration” to the estate administrator.

      Letters Testamentary/Letters of Administration allow the estate administrator to collect assets that were held in the name of the decedent.

    2. Acceptance of Successor Trustee and Certification of Trust documents to collect assets in the decedent’s trust. If you are acting as Trustee of the decedent’s trust, you will need to prove that you are now the acting Trustee of the decedent’s trust. You will need to provide (1) a copy of the document (often prepared by an attorney) showing that you have accepted the office of Trustee and (2) a copy of the trust agreement or a “certification of trust,” which is a special redacted version of the trust agreement prepared by an attorney.

      Those two documents allow the trustee to collect assets held in the name of the decedent’s trust.

  3. Power of Attorney.

    Once you upload the death certificate and proof of your legal authority to act, we will send to you a power of attorney allowing Estatable LLC to act on your behalf in opening a new account in the name of the estate or testamentary trust, and transfer the decedent’s assets to that centralized account.